3 Ways to Remove Inquiries for your Credit Bureau

If you’re trying to figure out how the remove inquiries from your credit report, chances are you have already pulled your credit score, reviewed your hard inquiries and maybe even contacted the companies responsible, but haven’t gotten very far. Unfortunately, this is because the companies you are dealing with don’t want to remove inquiries.

Although technically hard inquiries should only occur if you have given your permission, it doesn’t always work that way. Because the onus is on the company that performs the check to prove you authorized it and in most cases they can’t, the best way to deal with you is to ignore your requests to remove inquiries that they can’t prove.

The ugly truth is that many businesses count on the fact that you don’t have the time to check in daily, making it much easier to ignore the problem (you) until it goes away.

So, what should you do if you’re trying to fix your credit score and don’t see results?

  1. Hire a professional to remove hard inquiries

Inquiry Busters works for you, and because uncooperative businesses take of advantage of your busy schedule by making themselves unavailable, you need someone knows how to remove inquiries and can pick up the phone every hour.

Approach the credit bureau directly

If you are working on your own, 30 days after your first message, email, or letter to the company in question, you should contact each of your three bureaus directly, fill out an official dispute and state that you requested to remove inquiries and were ignored.

  1. Hire a lawyer to handle the issue for you

Although lawyers are effective, they’re also expensive, and it might not be the best idea to hire a lawyer to remove inquiries unless the company that you’re dealing with has performed a number of unlawful checks that you can prove damaged your credit score.

Remember, if you will pay out more money than you stand to gain after you remove inquiries from your bureau, consider what you can realistically afford – an inquiry removal team will always be less expensive, but can’t provide any kind of settlement.

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